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Begin your transformative journey to healing lives here at the Freedom From Pain Institute Training Center, and start unlocking your potential that makes a lasting impact on the world.

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A patient getting chiropractic care

For Students

Over 1.7 billion people deal with musculoskeletal conditions worldwide.

It’s the leading cause of disability in over 150 countries, and right now, there might be someone who is battling against acute or persistent musculoskeletal pains that hinder their mobility, agility, and function. 

But you can help with this.

Through the art of natural and physical treatment and healing, we will help you spread your gift of freedom from pain to the world to continuously and passionately transform lives toward mobility.

Learn about natural and non-invasive healing that leads to the holistic wellness of your future patient, from understanding the importance of nutrition to the advantages of acupuncture, massage, acupressure, spine manipulation, and herbal medicine.

Gain a deep understanding of the human body and its systems, and how to safely and effectively insert and manipulate acupuncture needles to prepare you to become a licensed acupuncturist in the future.

Get to know a range of massage techniques, from Swedish massage, to deep tissue massage, and to sports massage through a combination of theory and practical training to alleviate pain and discomfort.

The Founder of FFPITC and his patients
The Founder of FFPITC and his patients
A chiropractor performing a chiropractic care

The Freedom From Pain Institute Training Center has got it all.

Comprehensive Curriculum.

Each course delves deep into its subject matter, ensuring a thorough understanding of its principles, history, and techniques.


Education should be accessible to all, which is why our courses offer competitive tuition rates without compromising on quality.

Certificates and Recognitions.

Bring home a certificate of completion at the end of your course to demonstrate your competency as a professional.

Real-world Experience.

Here at FFPITC, we don’t let your knowledge come to waste as you will gain hands-on experience in the course that you chose.

Live Online

Interact with experienced mentors and fellow students in live online sessions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Seasoned Instructors.

Gain helpful advice and knowledge from your seasoned instructors shaped through years of education and experience.

We will help you transform lives just as how we changed the lives of our patients

Ready to start your journey toward the path of healing?

Enroll now at the Freedom From Pain Institute Training Center, and become a professional healthcare provider locally and abroad.

The founder of FFPITC and his patients

The Freedom From Pain Institute Training Center

Here at FFPITC, our mission is to empower individuals to transform lives through natural and physical care and education. 

From one licensed healthcare professional to another, we aim to build a community of healthcare providers who have a common goal of bringing people the freedom from pain that they deserve.

With over 15 years of experience, more than 1000 treated individuals, and education gained locally and abroad, our founder leads a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about spreading their gift of freedom from pain both to aspiring healthcare practitioners and to the physically disabled/immobile/injured individuals.

For Clients

You can never permanently ignore pain.

Your health matters. Even if it’s a little pain in the back or a jab in your neck, it’s better to keep that in check before it develops into more severe cases.

Here is our list of services that can help you get treated:

Every person experiences different kinds of pain. That’s why here in our chiropractic adjustment services, we provide personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific goals and needs, powered by a variety of adjustment techniques to treat conditions relating to your musculoskeletal issues.

With this traditional Chinese medicine technique, the proper and effective insertion of fine needles will help stimulate the flow of your energy, alleviating pains such as back, neck, or joint pains, and providing you comfort for your digestion and sleep.

This 30 minutes to an hour non-invasive laser therapy treatment will promote healing for different kinds of conditions, from arthritis to joint pains and muscle strains. This uses low-intensity levels of light that don’t generate heat to treat inflamed tissue, improve blood flow, and ease your pain.

This is the start of your personalized treatment plan. In our consultation, we’ll assess what kind of pain you’re experiencing and in what way we can help you. This is a collaborative discussion to get to know your pains, goals, and future plan of care.

There have been many misconceptions that the art of natural and physical healing, in general, doesn’t work. That it isn’t safe and effective. That it could take away lives.

But we’re here to prove that wrong. From over 15 years of our experience and more than a thousand patients treated, there has never been a case where our healthcare approaches proved to be ineffective. This is a safe healing approach for your overall well-being.

We have sought after education relevant to our field not only locally, but also abroad. We have participated in a lot of seminars, enrolled in a lot of courses, and treated more than a thousand patients. Your health is in good hands with us.

Each patient that we receive has different kinds of pain, different goals and needs, and different types of issues. Our personalized treatment plans, equipped with detailed strategies, techniques, advice, and schedules, will help you meet your goals toward immediate mobility and satisfaction.

Each of your health aspects is connected to one another — from your physical health to mental health to emotional health. Our healthcare approaches have been scientifically proven to not only help you be physically healed but also emotionally and mentally healed.

Our patient care doesn’t end with relieving your pain. To achieve the best results and avoid similar issues to happen again, we always encourage you to make follow-up visits to monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, and give more recommendations to support and promote your healing.

For Clients

Why Choose Us?

If you still feel hesitant about us, here are some of the reasons that might push you to get yourself treated with us.

The Freedom From Pain Institute Training Center Welcomes You.

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Get ready to embark on a road of healing and health transformation today. Change lives, Promote healing.

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Stop ignoring and enduring the pain. Seek out a professional for your health. You can never ignore the pain forever.

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